Brief and to the point …climate change.

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The above is a stock photo appearing as if by magic from WP and for now let it remain. Quite appropriate, my ancestors on both sides had many lifetimes associated with the sea, some were fishermen,  my mothers father a lifetime in the Royal Navy, some were harbour trades inc sailmaker for my mothers grandfather, my dad even drove a DUKW in the Second War.

The purpose of this blog is to bring attention to a wider medley of climate change topics, the best of what I can find  and hopefully save people some time at getting a foothold on the masses of sites and youtubes that exist. I also hope I can bend ‘deniers’ and ‘don’t knows’ to realise quite what is happening and seed enthusiasm for newbies to learn more.

I’ve found that google and particularly youtube enhances its results over successive days at searching, day two and three often yielding better material. I’ve known this for a decade with the many interests that I have, some quite unusual for a man in England, vintage Chinese cinema for example or fifties Italian Neo Realism etc etc   Hence the value of this effort at blogging here, to retain and mark the best both for myself and others.

But also as with the trump situation for the average person searching for page one and two google the newer churn can block out and make invisible material that still has value and really should be to hand. I think trump deliberately knows this effect, as if burying his mistakes with newer ones.

I’ve deliberately kept to a minute or two of reading and no more than say three vids (preferably shorter ones) or three or four  links per page. So much material out there particularly recorded talks and presentations seem so drawn out – I haven’t the time to sit and wait as it plays out! I hope in time the penny drops and brevity increases in value.

I’ve also deliberately kept away from listing huge loads of links or lots of diagrams and schematics, these are so easily viewed from other and immensely more able web contributors, for instance Paul Beckwith has lots of visual material to aid presentation and explain complexity.

For books I suggest:-

James Lovelock ‘Gaia’

Prof Peter Wadhams ‘A Farewell to Ice’

Fothergill, Berlowitz BBC Books ‘Frozen Planet’

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