wrecking ball trump … page 5

Just found a couple of articles at Scientific American, no Head of Science at the American Government and looks like trump who is a poor reader skimmed the mans credentials reading as (political) science and thought … ‘He’ll do!’

Its most certainly been proven trump does indeed struggle with reading, he should not be occupying The Oval Office. It will take more than the ability to recognise the difference between a giraffe or a camel as per Vice-Admiral Ronnies so-called ‘tests’.

The insanity and backwardness of this POTUS 45 is beyond belief, staggering in its ignorance. Read of all the cuts, the deliberate affront to all common decency, leading roles deliberately un-manned or as seen in the last few months totally unsuitable candidates. As is now openly stated in mainstream media ‘a wrecking ball’.




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