Lets model the Earth …

As a kid modelmaking in all its forms fascinated me, looking back its amazing how active I was, but then I have always been active, never for me was lurking around street corners  or the usual lies or deceit of the typical teenager. Amazing how much I got done, considering how little encouragement I got, a little but not a lot; however tools and some basic materials were always somewhere to hand. I think my uncle John was my greatest help, he would visit once or twice a year and incredibly would often have some type of modelmaking kit for me, shop bought and new! Otherwise I would scour the one or two bookshops me n my Dad ever visited in any year and scour the shelves for such likely titles as ‘Model Making for Boys’, only then to be stuck with the near insurmountable probem of getting my Dad to buy the thing  ….

The point of this exercise is to show how fragile and small are our oceans and breathable atmosphere, how so easily they can be triggered to undesirable changes as we now have. It amounts to a thickness of cigarette paper (0.001 inch ie ‘one thou) on the surface of a football.

Imagine the world is a ball, 8 inches in diameter, this would equate to approx 8,000 miles in diameter.  Note figures are approximates to within ten percent. Therefore one inch on our model equals 1,000 miles and 0.001 equals one mile.

Average depth of water is 2 miles therefore for our model oceans are  0.002 inch ie ‘two thou’; the same thickness as a human hair. Likewise above two miles you will be hardly able to breathe therefore usable atmosphere is again ‘two thou’. Four thou is the thickness of copier paper and so all life on earth past and present in any form whatsoever exists in a layer barely the thickness of copier paper on our model.

However lets narrow the limits of most lifeforms to half a mile down, half a mile up, therefore one mile, one thousandths of an inch, half the thickness of a human hair, the thickness of a cigarette paper.

Frightening !

And how precious.


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