Explaining Fukushima …

I recognise Kevin Kamps, in his explanation here it is shown that the utter catastrophe at Fukushima is about engineering; plain hard reality backed with physical facts / physics. Engineering to my mind (my own practical lifetimes working experience) has always been about control, to control the process and hey Bingo the process at Fukushima is well and truly out of control.

Sorry to be a spoilsport here, but doesn’t it look as though economic and technical progress has well and truly bitten us on the arse. I cannot help but think of the haggard haunted countenance of Robert Oppenheimer after the bomb was dropped, after the War; he’d done as he was bid and look how he was treat.  He had ‘served his purpose’, he was cast-out, discarded. And how have we evolved – we have trump. The model for economic growth is outmoded, yet it never will be relinquished, men their hubris, their ego will never let go.



I feel so sorry for those peoples living on the many thousands of atolls and islands that dot the Pacific, indeed all the people on islands large and small; any coastline whatsoever.


Here below is from three years ago regarding Fukushima and its impact on the west USA coast, dip and sample, he makes lots of good sense.


Much material is a year or more older, its not easy to find new. Remember, half the worlds reactors are situated next to the sea, with increasing extreme weather and rising sea level its not good. Fukushimas three reactors are still ‘lost’ somewhere under the ground, doing their dirty business, both intentional cooling water and groundwater from the surrounding hills spewing hundreds of tons of water per day into the Pacific.

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