Sage advice ….

Noam Chomski  ‘is the man’ as we say … he can do something called ‘thinking’. I’m very glad he allows his views to be propogated, the world is better for his presence. I know nothing of his professional or linguistic work, but the fact that he can see and question is to many becoming a rare gift; he has memory too, something again becoming rare.

He says what a lot of people are thinking already. Listening to him is a time to collect your thoughts and to clarify. There is so much now in this world that is being turned on its side, spin given that often is not true and correct. Words and descriptions and evaluations are also alarmingly mis-applied. All we need now is for trump to install his own Ministry of Truth !!!




The first above is an excerpt of the longer second vid. He tells us of trumps distraction and chaos, daily grabbing the headlines as any con-man and showman is wont to do. Meanwhile all the checks and balances, all the safeguards, everything that benefits the general population is being dismantled.

Note also and this is my own specific opinion trump knows fine well climate change is on its way even though he has banned the term. Thats why trump and the twisted old men of the Republican Party  …

want the wall as a stop to mass migration from the south.

massive tax handbacks to the already wealthy elite.

ramping up the military.

exclusion of people of colour or refugees.

dismantle Obamacare so they can disown, forget, ignore.

Scott Pruitt arch-climate denier installed at the EPA, scientists dismissed, moved etc.

the development of the ‘fake news’ concept and the inversion of reality and truth.

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