A bad spring for growing things …

I was stunned yesterday when by chance I looked at old pictures of my garden for mid March seven years ago. Already at that time many things were thriving and in flower that at present this year are backward and nowhere near flowering even a fortnight later, oxlips and dog tooth violets ( Erythronium) demonstrated this clearly. Cautiously I’d say its a one month delay but also there doesn’t seem to be the vigour of previous years.  Bulbs are okay’ish but anything relying on leaves and light to bring it on are much backward.

A great maxim of mine has always been “Its all about light” this being particularly pertinent to the siting of plants and what will grow where. Hands-on practical experience, trial and error form my views over several decades.

So its obvious ‘things are backward’ this year, strange when in the last decade gardeners and horticulturists have been observing the opposite, ie things are advanced. All I can  assume is that the frequent chemtrail spraying of this year so far that turns what should be clear days into hazy nothingness has wreaked its dark magic. Easter was clear of it until Sunday afternoon (1st April as photos below) when it was obvious man-made trails were being laid.

This covert and unwanted activity is most divisive among friends, as the pictures show the haze and so-called cloud are very deinitely not natures making, yet folk who should know better ridicule my drawing attention to this. Maybe Fox News has a  greater hold on them than I realised.

Its generally considered that these chemtrails incorportae aluminium, barium and strontium. My previous pics of here in the UK … https://climate-change-briefing.com/2018/02/22/weather-modification-uk/




Bottom two at right are Sunday 1st April 18:27

Bottom left is 24th March 15:52

Top left is 9th March 10:02

Top right is 20th March 13:30

Right middle is 20th March 13:54

For instance top left 9th March 2018 above, my diary tells me bright blue sky at 0800, chemtrails by 0900, blue again at 10am with very noticable fast turbulence.

March 20th was obvious chemtrails 12-3pm on a previous bright blue sky. Next day early morning was a peculier ‘quilted’ cloud effect uniform and everywhere. Light effect noticably ‘odd’.

Here we don’t ordinarilly expect these aircraft on these flightpaths. Here below is my usual checklist to try to raise awareness of the not-natural effects in the sky from chemtrail spraying.

  • Aircraft trails where normally never seen.
  • Trails do not disappear as they should normally.
  • Trails connect to produce overall haze.
  • Sometimes as quick as 10-20 mins later all hazed over.
  • No longer a blue sky as assumed and expected an hour earlier.
  • Note parallel tracks or peculier bends and even 90deg  turns.
  • In extreme cases the sky can ‘morph’ or change rapidly every 5 – 10 mins.
  • Note metallic sheen to light.


For instance  … https://byebyebluesky.com/


Postscript 17th May 2018. Regarding media manipulation. Maybe half a dozen times to different people I’ve pointed upwards to the sky not really getting anywhere and today it was a revelation.

“Oh you don’t believe in that mind control” ….


“Of course not but what I am saying is that those straight lines that haze and merge are not conventional aircraft trails, they’re full of aluminium and organic growers are having problems with it, its also why California burned the way it did.”

(Remember …. Monsantos GM patents include aluminium resistance).

So who the heck is talking abt mind control? As with the first two people I mentioned this to and avid Fox News fans, as I did determine from that encounter there is concious effort to broadcast material that ridicules the ‘look at the chemtrail activists’. That indeed is nasty and explains why its so difficult to get ppl to look up and take notice. Thats why its so difficult, they have been set against any such enquiry by it being framed in the media as a crackpot notion. Framed to automatically be seen as a nutcase enthusiasm. You see, theres no tv in this house so how wld I know their prior knowledge is so affected, so conditioned to ridicule my concern?




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