Vitamin D3 deficiency …

All I know is that here in the UK so many days are hazy and dull when it should be brighter. Sometimes a metallic sheen as is echoed in comments on the following link. And D3 deficiency it appears is widespread. I personally have started Magnesium and D3 and feel brighter, whether its in the mind or real one cannot be certain, but as echoed in the comments section many feel the same.


Today 16th April northern England looked as if chemtrails were absent until late afternoon and then certainly very apparent. Note too the fast churn and morphing, not a stable sky or cloud pattern, not natural. How stupid do they think people are, but still, so many refute anything seen above as anything cranky as ‘chemtrails’…..


Lets think of chemtrails and how mass media is engineered to minimise any population taking notice ie …

Postscript 17th May 2018. Regarding media manipulation. Maybe half a dozen times to different people I’ve pointed upwards to the sky not really getting anywhere and today it was a revelation.

“Oh you don’t believe in that mind control” ….


“Of course not but what I am saying is that those straight lines that haze and merge are not conventional aircraft trails, they’re full of aluminium and organic growers are having problems with it, its also why California burned the way it did.”

(Remember …. Monsantos GM patents include aluminium resistance).

So who the heck is talking abt mind control? As with the first two people I mentioned this to and avid Fox News fans, as I did determine from that encounter there is concious effort to broadcast material that ridicules the ‘look at the chemtrail activists’. That indeed is nasty and explains why its so difficult to get ppl to look up and take notice. Thats why its so difficult, they have been set against any such enquiry by it being framed in the media as a crackpot notion. Framed to automatically be seen as a nutcase enthusiasm. You see, theres no tv in this house so how wld I know their prior knowledge is so affected, so conditioned to ridicule my concern?

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