Chemtrails UK …

Many days recently with clear blue skies here in northern UK being quite unusual in these days of chemtrail spraying.  These last couple of weeks thankfully being noticably clear and we are owed it, making it all the more obvious when days are chosen for spraying such as today. Its believed nano-sized aluminium, barium, strontium etc are released, finer than accepted as solid particles but more solid than a gas. Its also believed that is why California fires raged as they did last summer (alumium can act as an incendiary – witness thermite welding as an accepted industrial process) and is linked to autism, alzheimers, plankton and diatom loss and hence fish in rivers – particularly in west coast USA. Some fisheries experts / scientists actually do have the wit and strength to say so. See my previous posts. Diatoms are of such great importance as the foundation stone of the ecological food chain, they cannot be bypassed or substituted. Ironically burning the resultant oil and gas from ancient deposits has hastened their (and our) demise.


top RH is yesterday above Bassenthwaite Cumbria 11:00 looking south west. Part of the west coast UK flightpath.   Quite frightening.

bottom LH is not a zoom pic, Bassenthwaite same time looking north. This is NOT a natural cloud formation whatsoever.

bottom RH is today 15th May 2018 north of Newcastle airport looking west 0730.

top left is a fortnight ago.

top middle ditto not on zoom.

Unless I’m dealing with blind people what further evidence could be needed to convince that nasty things are happening up in the sky. Yet it is a very emotive subject when in fact everyone should be asking ‘why’.  What I show above and below linger and form overall haze, destroying natural cloud formation. Governments ‘sort-of’ admit something is happening re ‘weather modification’ but from whatever angle you look at it the ‘answers / reasons’ do not stack up. There is subtle and not so subtle ridicule and misinformation about what is happening in the skies worldwide, Governments want ‘sheeple’ not thinking individuals.



Above is 27th April 2018; bottom RH day previous, all early evening north east UK.


Postscript: as the day progressed there was a slackening off until mid afternoon when trails started again in earnest, by teatime it was quite obscene. Early evening and the man made contrived unreal cloudy sky is quite horrible and dark. How in Heavens name can anyone remain blind to this obscenity? How can anyone have such little visual sense? Teatime was as per top RH upper grouping as taken from Bassenthwaite Village yesterday on my brief day in the Lakes.


Realise too that autism among boys in California stands at one in forty five, it should be one in ten thousand. Its called aluminium …. chem trail spraying.

Various links, all worth reading …


Postscript 17th May 2018. Regarding media manipulation. Maybe half a dozen times to different people I’ve pointed upwards to the sky not really getting anywhere and today it was a revelation.

“Oh you don’t believe in that mind control” ….


“Of course not but what I am saying is that those straight lines that haze and merge are not conventional aircraft trails, they’re full of aluminium and organic growers are having problems with it, its also why California burned the way it did.”

(Remember …. Monsantos GM patents include aluminium resistance).

So who the heck is talking abt mind control? As with the first two people I mentioned this to and avid Fox News fans, as I did determine from that encounter there is concious effort to broadcast material that ridicules the ‘look at the chemtrail activists’. That indeed is nasty and explains why its so difficult to get ppl to look up and take notice. Thats why its so difficult, they have been set against any such enquiry by it being framed in the media as a crackpot notion. Framed to automatically be seen as a nutcase enthusiasm. You see, theres no tv in this house so how wld I know their prior knowledge is so affected, so conditioned to ridicule my concern?

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