trump / EPA roll back safeguards …

Its not a surprise, its what is being done and not being talked about that is beyond chaos and can be defined as evil. Thank goodness we have journalists that can pursue all the malicious dismantling being performed by trump and Pruitt in the USA. I shudder when thinking of what conversations occur behind closed doors, remember that these fools are manipulated and lobbied by obscenely self-interested old white men with their fixed out of date viewpoints; merely a puppet facade. Likewise the impending Trade War from trumps bizarre and nasty tariffs are doing nothing to help anyone or the planet.

Look at other material that this link provides  …


ps …..

re chemtrails UK. In between the overall dense grey of late as per yesterday a day of lighter skies and yet chemtrails are still being produced; the sky looking distinctly artificial, looking up an hour or less before sunset in a wide open landscape can work best. Yet so many are blind to this, no practice, no ‘eye’ for it but always so certain to discount my alarm. And of course the ‘framing’ from mass media to discredit anyone that raises the problem, always incorporating those dreadful terms ‘conspiracy’ and ‘mind control’ …. oh dear me!  Look also at youtube listings, chemtrails get jumbled up with all manner of junk predictions and nonsense. Horribly clever !



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