What is trump about?

trump (and I deny him upper case) to my mind is only a tiny part of a more hidden dirty collection of regressive nasty old white men driven by greed and ego. In the USA they deny any sensible effort to help with climate change and endlessly push back all the enlightened advances or recent decades. trump fine well knows climate change is on the way, hence his obsession with a wall with Mexico and his need for it to hold back what will be vast numbers of climate refugees, already a wall that is being militarised. Likewise his gagging of the EPA (ie the term climate change is forbidden) and trumps abandoning the poor and needy.

Noam Chomsky a man that is growing increasingly valuable in this world offers sage advice. Heres one of his briefer youtubes  ….

Increasingly I can see that media and news is being manipulated and is slanted to control the recipient. For instance look how the notion of chemtrails is bundled with ‘controversy theory’ and ‘mind control’ when in fact all we want is for ‘ornery folk to realise the skies above are not natural. So much is in decline ie Pacific seabird die off of two years ago, bee decline, diatom collapse, reduced green plant CO2 to O transpiration, impending methane etc etc is deliberately under-reported. Its a bit like the old ‘D’ notice gag, and no doubt each country has its own version. The USA no longer because of trump lists and reports ‘deaths at work’ this data is now not published, one of many instances of the dismantling of Government in the USA.


Chomsky can do something called ‘thinking’ which in itself is not a great feat but strangely is becoming rare, countries produce vast amounts of graduates but what do we have to show for it???


postscript … heres an article that sheds some light on the troubled trumpian times we have to cope with …. http://www.slate.com/articles/health_and_science/medical_examiner/2017/03/donald_trump_isn_t_mentally_ill_he_s_evil.html?via=gdpr-consent

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