Trumps mindset ???

Trying to fathom what the heck trump ‘is about’ is not easy. Below sheds light on what is murky, difficult and apparently the contrary world of djt, an entity that can be likened to a shark in dark water. You can think he’s a fool but analysing his whole whacky and dangerous charade signals there is a strong mindset behind the madness.

A horrible mindset. This article helps ….

Be warned that in the UK for instance BBC news ie r4 is very poor at reporting trump in anything near a clear and full light, it endlessly will never criticise, will not place in context the harm, danger and lunacy of his activities. Some of the coverage verges on obscene in its bias and uselessness. The nearest that r4 can deliver to worthwhile coverage is bbc r4 ‘The World Tonight’ at 10pm.

Its scary to the extent trump and his evil cohorts know to manipulate media, to control the news cycle, generate churn and what coverage google will present the average person that is likely only to search goog page one, as in fact most of us are inclined. The first article links to this second link below and likewise helps understand what is going on. Last weeks obscene spectacle of trump trying to reverse 180 degrees his obvious support and subservience to Putin hinged on would / wouldn’t when context, body language, dialogue fore and aft all pointed to a very dirty situation. Yet he still tries to pull a fast one, Don the con, to lie to the entire world and its media that the opposite was true; cameras rolling, reporters present. STAGGERING !!! …. seesaw seesaw zigzag zigzag … not even heavy drug users are so contradictory and lieing within one bundle of flesh and bone. Surely to God truth and clarity must triumph eventually.

Climate change and its visible effects are sort of quiet now (and seem to be thus from simple searches) until we get the catastrophic confirmation of zero ice in Arctic waters later this year and approaching the release of methane in its three forms, likewise with mapping the Jetstream, water temps, and my pet interest of the seldom reported loss of diatoms (and plankton) that are esential to all ocean life as well as oxygen production;  remember, this thin film that we live in and which envelopes planet Earth is equivalant to making a model using a football and the usable thickness is 0.001 inch ie the thickness of a cigarette paper.

Interesting point is to realise ice in the north, the Arctic generally melts from the upper surface and as we know as children ice can suddenly next day be not there at all; yet south the Antarctic the ice loss is occurring from below, being undercut to break off huge lumps as melting seas drives inward. Greenland is melting from above and also in Swiss Cheese fashion as fast water torrents hundreds and thousands of feet deep.  People talk of ‘end of century’ ice loss but i think in ten years 2028 the decline will have been faster than most folk are likely to admit at this stage.

Meanwhile trump huffs and puffs ever the Dotard, outwardly ignoring climate change (he believes in it witness the Wall and its increasing militarisation) … pulling at his pointless levers just like the fake wizard in the ‘Wizard of Oz’.


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