Chemtrails in the UK 2018

I think it was last Wednesday teatime that it was obvious chemtrails had been deposited, likewise yesterday ie Saturday afternoon once the lower cloud cover cleared in parts and uh-oh it was blatant what was happening. Its a bit like basic operational analysis in that when they are not there it is all the more obvious.

In a previous post I plotted early Sunday morning activity 9th April 2018 and 24 hrs later most of the flightradar plots had disappeared, had gone from the archive; recorded with a white board marker onto the screen itself and a photo taken. Heres the page…

Spring and growing things here suffered badly, so many days an artificial haze created by chemtrails held everything back, then for a fortnight before the Royal Wedding all was allowed to be bright blue every day. Its a highly emotive subject and initially unknown to me that the mass media and tv had already framed the subject as the dreaded term ‘controversy theory’ and all manner of nutcase connotations. Therefore one has to be very careful and reticent even as mentioning this to anyone, hint: don’t bother with your neighbours or regular work buddies.

Chemtrails are mainly freeborne unattached aluminium (ie the worst kind) in nano-particle form that behaves nearly like a gas, theres also other nasty ‘heavy metal’ in the mix if i’ve got my junior physics correct. We may surmise its linked to the extreme inflamability of the fires in California last year, an epidemic of autism in Ca and the near total loss of river and stream entymology in west coast USA. In the UK here I wonder if leaf dieback and scorching is because of the aluminium and not only heat / water stress in plants and trees, organic growers around the world know full well the horrors of chemtrail aluminium ?

Maybe and this is just my idea its tied in with diatom loss in the Pacific (more likely Fukushima) but certainly theres been a near unreported collapse of microscopic plankton that everything else is built upon, you cannot sidestep each ‘level’ in the food chain. Likewise the Pacific seabird die-off ….. a very under-reported disaster. My idea again is that it is the diatom die-back that drives the loss of coral, but. We need diatoms, they regulate ocean weather systems and convert 20% of our planetary CO2 to O conversion.



Primarilly i wanted to post pics of yesterdays teatime chemtrail extravaganza but couldn’t get away from human company wherever I went that therefore cramped my style and needing to be busy, get things done;  but as always its ‘more of the same’ so here i am posting recent pics that illustrate well enough, all new to the blog.

Remember to look for …

  • Aircraft trails where normally never seen, frequency and location in the sky.
  • Trails do not disappear as they should normally, expanding as if ‘active’.
  • Trails connect to produce overall haze.
  • Sometimes as quick as 10-20 mins later all hazed over.
  • No longer a blue sky as assumed and expected an hour earlier.
  • Note parallel tracks or occasional peculier bends.
  • In extreme cases the sky can ‘morph’ or change rapidly every 5 – 10 mins.
  • Note sometimes metallic sheen to light.
  • Its obviously ‘un-natural’.

Follow similar tagged posts please, I’m doing this to try and raise awareness, to document, to record.

Look at my diary page started Aug 4th 2018, I’ll build up a few days material as diary entries.



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