Dr Paul Ehrlich in interview …

As posted previously this man ‘is the bizz’ – intelligent, far sighted, wise. I bought his book ‘Machinery of Nature’ a couple of decades ago, its here on the shelves. He is a Stanford Professor, entomologist at PhD and beyond, expert on butterflies,  he knows a lot about conservation, about biology.


More info … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_R._Ehrlich

Looking around so many of our best people are ‘getting on a bit’ to be polite and there seems a lack of younger people, activists, concerned thinkers, scientists.

I hope in time we can have available the condensed text of such valuable interviews so that we can read through at a fraction of the time it takes for the youtube post takes to play. And on paper too, the ultimate portable always at hand solution.

postscript … I wish the interviewer of Paul above would get a move on. If you have to choose say go for the presentation below ….


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