Sceptical of tv …..

Most certainly and healthy it is!

Long gone are the days of Albert Tatlock and Ena Sharples in the snug at the Rovers Return, my formative years and what I consider to be ‘tv’. Dads death and digs at age 18 hence next to no tv and a busy and ‘interested’ adult life mean tv isn’t on my horizon whatsoever, but I am aware how it is offering a false reality for those that use it as their freetime activity, or even a President when he really should be doing daytime High Office activities. Then again I never was into tv, never one to sit there passively, once say age eight or nine always so much else to do, on reflection a lucky childhood. Just remembered …. tv output was only a few hours mostly in the evening, much like the web turned off at 11pm in China we cld benefit from limited access.

Its not real, its made up. I feel likewise about whatever Hollywood churns out these last few decades, I’m just not interested, highly indeed ultra sceptical. The more recent trend for action hero material baffles me, so inappropriate, likewise so much ‘gaming’ involves war, i never knew anyone enthused on such things! So much pointless churn, called product. Something like Fox News appalls me in its support and seldom crticism of trump and the medias treatment of chemtrail alarmists, bundled with nonsense headlines controversy etc to fool the easily led. People / sheeple can often tend to be ‘one-stop shoppers’ for their news needs, to gain warmth and comfort and have their views reinforced from their favourite presenters / format. The bbc in its bbc radio r4 news likewise is alarmingly non-critical of the developments (or degradations) emanating from trumps gangster tenure. Never mind, theres light emerging, Brennan et al are on the move.

So, in my quaint yesteryear idea of tv in my memory bubble it is the more worthwhile news and analysis output that I lament the loss of with programmes like ‘World in Action’. Heres the wiki …

I quote …

Soon after she became Conservative Party leader, Margaret Thatcher was said to have told the BBC Director General, Sir Ian Trethowan, that she considered World in Action to consist of “just a lot of Trotskyists.”[3] Its removal after 35 years was seen by some as part of a general dumbing-down of British television, and of ITV in particular.[4]


So, with the loss of World in Action we can say we have witnessed twenty years of deliberate dumbing down. We are now at a stage where media and online can be so manipulated that gangsters such as trump can have operated pretty well fearlessly in their nasty experiment. Luckily at third week August 2018 Mr Brennan and others can no longer stand by and witness the spiralling cesspit called #45.  Witness trumps gangster cabal in Helsinki – an event or ‘happening’ that should really be unthinkable, totally inexcusable in whatever shape or form.

For what ends, for what purpose?? Where would all this be heading??

Here below is todays Guardian article that prompted finger to keyboard, I never thought I’d be keen to read what Noel Edmonds has to say, but I’m glad he is saying this …



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