Aluminized skies …

Its my term, I thought of it yesterday, anyone may use it.

Aluminized skies.

I thought of it yesterday because the sky was so luminous and glaring that unusually for me I had to wear  sunglasses. Which in turn allowed me to see detail in what is in my opinion a ‘modified’ ie aluminized sky that otherwise would have been a ‘white out’ unobservable glare anywhere plus or minus twenty degrees toward the Sun. All weekend Friday thro Sunday we’ve had chemtrails and Sunday was quite obscene, of medium frequency  of trail numbers but apart from the usual late afternoon break was continuous throughout daylight hours ie generally always at least one flight in progress.  There must be a lot of aluminium up there now, I think proven by the semi transparent effect at dawn and fast morphing, then lower brown tinged low alt cumulus type effect by 0830. Observation is thwarted when its a overall thick mat that obscures high alt shenanigans, you can hear them feintly but cannot see them.

This I think is what is called ‘global dimming’ a deliberate programme at weather modification and haze inducement; sectors of the scientific community think it is the way to proceed. I disagree by reason and logic and think it is the wrong approach. Somebody has to be doing something I suppose, after all, natural systems, jet stream, food production areas are undergoing vast changes. The multiple ‘Manhattan Project’ of carbon capture looks likely never to be initiated and anyway once the x80 effect of methane in its three forms starts to kick in we are actually quite ‘lost’. In ten years time will there be any such thing as the ‘grain bowl’ of America? Likewise beef production and a particular American style demand for it will be severley hampered, God knows how we’ll stop the last of the Rain Forest being removed so that some Beef Baron can capitalise on a couple of years of beef production before it all goes haywire.

I’m tired now of the Idiot trump in the White House, grown men now need to get into action and have manifold avenues to pursue in guiding and governing a country that should be leading and not arguing with the world. We need to put the toys away, put the cot in the attic and start using intelligent and experienced minds, people of ability.

Heres some pics from the last three days, use my many previous tags and posts to read of diatom and plankton loss and hence food chain collapse, chemtrail aluminium exacerbating wildfires, jet stream and climate change, disastrous self reinforcing feedback changes in climate systems, arctic sea ice loss ie the albedo effect, methane release, etc etc.

Also, check out on youtube what organic growers have to say, they have the experience ‘the eye’ to be able to see what is happening and how their crops and livelihoods are being affected. We are living in a dumbed down society where developed insight ie anything other than pertaining to do with a screen or keyboard is increasingly less appreciated by the average person.



Chemtrail diary UK … yup all week (except one bright blue day) to this morning 21st Sept its chemtrails, generally light/medium and observation often obscured by overall haze, some aluminized glare present too. More to follow ….




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