trump and his tariffs …

He’ll go down in history (if we have much of it left) as the biggest a-hole to wander this Earth in recent memory. His life has been sham and mockery, pushing a ‘front’ with nothing behind it; every insult he hurls is foremost applicable to himself ie fake, crooked.

I’m baffled how so called sane people run to his defence, of those in Office and Government are they THAT scared of losing their position? And of ornery folk that defend this indefensible contraption I had no idea Fox was so able to spoon feed the lowbrow unquestioning nonsense that seems to be so accepted without question. its similar in the UK, the bbc radio news paints a most slanted obscure version of what trump is doing. There is a big market for what people ‘want to hear’, always has been.

His latest invented ‘slight’ is how China has been ‘screwing’ the USA on product and prices; perhaps better to ask a hard working Chinese production worker “Who is getting screwed?” The so-called Intellectual Property infringement is not valid in my opinion, research is worldwide nowadays and the scene is too fast moving to cry hurt. China latterly is more inclined to behave sensibly, the old days of a dimly lit shanty ‘knock-off shop’ are much reduced; but this is typical of trump, to conjure up imagined slights, this is how he avoids paying his suppliers and contractors. That only his crazy viewpoint is the valid one. Its like he’s now got his hands on the the biggest machine with the biggest wrecking ball attached to it and boyoboy he’s so happy.

Its been a theme throughout his life of justifying unjustifiable behaviour by pulling from a hat imagined insults. He moves badly among men, can barely read, does not want any insight or new knowledge, instantly ‘knows’ as if by immediate symbiosis. Wow does trump have mental problems! This we know and is immediately observable, his insistence on inverting reality, of reading situations entirely wrong. This sad and sorry and potentially catastrophic un-needed slamming of tariffs onto China made product is insulting to Americans and the Wests best supplier, they should be endlessly thankful China can supply at such low prices that allow the West to make such generous margins.  Margins and profits that are not as clearly visible as perhaps could be.

Maybe this is happening at the right time, he needs to be ousted ASAP and surely so many people, towns and industries looking set to be mangled by another pointless trump invention will vote accordingly. Theres a long road from selling steak in a box mail order or China made ties to being numero uno in the White House and it seems brag and a slack mouth coupled with media skills pandering to the lowest common denominator have stood him in good stead in his being catapulted from novelty tv and pageants to real power. Note how contrived his ‘rallies’ actually are ie the chosen backdrop of so-called supporters, the stage managed audience. I wouldn’t be suprised he is clueless as to how ‘arranged’ it all is. He rose on a wave of reality tv and just merely continued the same.

The Chinese are tough, after all they built the railroads out to the West Coast USA and probably received very little in return. I feel so sorry for American manufacturers and farmers, they will curse that djt ever got into the White House.

A trillion to the already super-rich and a kick in the guts to everyone else !

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