trump is nuts …

We read lately how saddening it is to see polarisation of a country as expansive as the USA. Everyone is an ‘incomer’ in one form or another.

What is more frightening is how many people are unable to see the obvious, how they accept misinformation. A couple of weeks ago someone said to me (random dog walker met in a place seldom on my list) how she admires trump (?) in that he is a self-made man !! How the heck did that creep in?? … totally oblivious to his dads vast building programmes aided by government assistance and his granpappys Yukon/ gold enterprises complete with curtained off whores for the busy executive to unwind and a plentiful supply of horsemeat flogged to death.

So, it seems trumps twenty word vocab, inability to grasp the simplest of International Relations, Trade, or Humanitarian difficulties all wash over her head as much as they do trumps. She seemed bright, I would imagine can earn £30k pa no problem, and outwardly it would seem a credit to her parents. But why so polarised, why so misinformed? I suggested quite calmly to google ‘trump Atlantic City’ for twenty minutes and avoid anything Fox. Most likely she never did, most folk find me ‘too much’, too turned on towards learning or gaining insight and to what I hope is independent thinking. Their televisions mostly steer them like slow-motion dodgems.

I see trump as something from a Marvel comic and as paper thin, with not one jot of concern for others; the only geography he has in his head will be that of his golf courses and wherever his private suite is located in his many properties. Ivanka didn’t like the ‘optics’ of the refugees at the Border, ie how it will look as carried on the worlds media but never one word of concern for the victims themselves nor of Policy nor Legal standing or humaniterian concern and heavens above that emotion called assistance… compassion. These people are so much in their own bubble from the day they are born, surrounded by only ‘agreeable / agreeing people that they never exercise their minds or see reality.  Every insult trump hurls is in fact most applicable to himself, ie crooked, fake, all are an upside down / 180 degree twist and perverse mindset a peculiarity of trump.

trump spouts the term ‘political’ in that many do not agree with the appointment of Kavanaugh (an appointment which is wholly political and in fact a bending of decency and balance) … and so trump latterly starts to hurl abuse as the resistance to his choice are now turning it ‘political’. Yes it downright is, its called saving ones country from gangsters, regressives and morals as if picked from computer games; from stopping the clock being turned back to the 1930’s…  politics yes … as are the motives for appointing him in the first place, a puppet a toy to work the regressive GOP / trump magic. Nasty old men and twisted folk ie stephen miller, bannon that should be nowhere near the White House. The blatant and absurd dumbing down from trump knows no bounds  ….

trumps rallies are in fact one long masturbation session, the hand picked backdrop, endless self-adulation as if only he knows the answer and the poor schmucks take it all in as if at long last they’ve found a friend. He moves badly among men and so these sessions are necessary for him. Read his face. We are heading toward tribalism or at least the seed is being cast for it and critical independent thinking is being abandoned, tribalism as if ‘branding’ has now entered our soul.  Goodness and virtue seldom enters many lives.

I do also think that trumps obsession with the Border Wall demonstrates that he realises full well Climate Change is the biggie.

Heres bits and pieces seen lately ….

…. theres other links of late I cannot recall at the moment, I’d like to introduce other sources other than The Guardian.





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