Thank God… for newspaper journalists!

Its called the Free Press. Therefore the fake known as trump must really hate them. And its only trump that is fake, as always the insults he hurls are most applicable to himself, fake, disgraceful, failing. I think now we can assume inside the WH his nibs is going bonkers. High time too! This story will develop quickly so lets state its midday Wednesday UK time as I type the finishing touches.

This explains why trump was so antagonistic toward the Press, he knew only they could bring him down or at least connect a whole lot of dots (ie off the record contributions and nods to investigative direction) that would allow the Judiciary sufficient momentum to forge ahead with certainty and speed. Perhaps this will allow individuals and the world to get on with its business;  theres work to be done, climate change etc.

A Free Press can be modern day detectives, especially needed when present day USA is bludgeoned into confusion and whiplash from a wannabe dictator, a rolled up morph of something like Mao, Stalin or a cocksure gangster. As in my last post and the shocking performance yesterday of trumps press call in the Rose Garden its obvious now that the persona trump expresses for the camera is not quite the real man. This has bugged me for a long time, its a sham, a facade, he’s acting the fool. This brand new New York Times journalism is blistering hot, not only is trump as good as finished at the White House he is very obviously facing jail. He looks as he is, over-priveliged, not the successful, most certainly not the self-made man as the fool dogwalker wanted to impress upon me a couple of weeks ago from her dreadful acceptance of Fox nonsense. Thank God there are independent free-thinking people that will not accept what is served up to them as obfuscation and fakery and false certainties.


The gold itself

CNN overview …

Thank God for the monumental investigative effort and the burrowing involved into the paper trail to brought this to light. Proving what many thought already. This represents a lot of hard work.

Everything now falls into place, as the NYT reveals, even as literally ‘a baby’ he is being rewarded renumeration from his dads companies and therefore throughout his life has established a web of interconnected businesses that feed and profit and/or loss from one another as minimisation of tax requirements determine, invoices shuffling around to squeeze to the absolute minimum any tax liability, thats where his skills lie;  therefore he never really needed to be hands on in the sense of developing a deeper technical skill or knowledge.  In a way bizarrely I did have a twinge of sympathy for his dad in that a lifetime of activity results in the mere dispersal of his empire to siblings, yet all along what is it but nothing other than assets and a means of making money; assets that need to be wound up on death and are one form or another a quantity of dollars numerical. And it appears to be a lifetime of hoodwinking and evasion yes, most certainly a dynamic accumulative business,  but at the same looking to evade taxes on profit and transfer of assets to children.   Quite ironic, I’ve neighbours that twenty months ago as two little bright bunnies were pleased to announce to me that  “We think trump is good for America” being Fox devotees and now the man himself he too thinks he can avoid taxes …  ehm, sorry, nope, death and taxes etc as the old saying goes. How else can this country run

Can you hear that distant clanging? The sound of hammer upon anvil?  Its the jailer, re-forging donald trumps age-old manacles to hold those teeny hands in place.



Rose Garden Monday, heres trump performing as an absolute fool and being grossly offensive which of course comes so easily to him, more being himself I think than usual… I feel so sorry for journalists having to deal and cope with this nastiness from a so-called ‘President’. I can’t help but feel something has happened, we are on another level of Press hatred, maybe he got word this NYT material was set to be released. It will be both laughable and chilling to see Sarah Huckabee Sanders attempting to defend against any of this. Anyway, well done Cecilia Vega, composed and so professional in the face if idiocy. trump says he doesn’t drink, but at many of his performances I’d say he certainly is under the influence of something, the slurring, the drone and monotonous thankfully not too often reading from an auto-cue; thats of course why he likes to go off script and play the chummy bar-room raconteur, making a friend or hoping to of everyone present.

Why doesn’t one of the assembled hangers-on behind him just go up to him and state plainly this is NOT acceptable attitude or behaviour, EVERYONE is embarrased. How can Ivanka explain this one away, hitching a free ride on her ’empowerment’ for women?  How long can the assembled sycophants ride along with this in-the-gutter so-called ‘President’?  President of nothing, President of Ignorance and Idiocy and Greed. Egging America along by appealing to the least educated.  The expansive NYT article first linked to above explains so much of trumps manner and attitude, his mirrors and play-acting, an attitude of getting away with anything.



Looking at this footage I cringe, cannot but help being forcefully reminded of the infamous Mark Gertler painting, something also applicable when I was typing my previous post on the same subject.


Mark Gertler, a famous painting. Read about what it represents elsewhere.


postscript … its from earlier this year but heres a worthwhile overview of trump and Russia …


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