Thanking and thinking …

The plutocracy, regime, gangster rule of trump, name it what you will, without a jot of conscience will alter the facts to produce an outright lie, I mean if it suits them.

He has been born and raised in a bubble of advantage, has no sense of decency or moral outrage. He’s a grabber in all senses of the word.

In the Rose Garden Press Call on Monday trumps behaviour was quite unwarranted, nasty, despicable; the same week he steamrollers ahead with a phony near to meaningless and manipulated FBI investigation into (what we know will progress regardless) the installation of Kavanaugh as a trump / GOP stooge.

trumps callous disregard to female gender is utterly shocking.

I wrote on this a couple of posts ago and its a thread I cannot leave alone, it needs to be kept visible, to illustrate how mean, ignorant and uncaring this so-called ‘administration’ under POTUS 45 really is. Its a regime with window dressing, Ivanka, Jared, but theres nothing good to be said for them. Ivankas affront to ride on ‘womens empowerment’ yet her dad, the worst offender goes unchecked. Its fantasy, pandering to the two minute news slot, the photo-op, the soundbite. All these things are mighty dangerous. trump can deliver an hour of obscenity and downright ignorant tirade but he knows fine well news picks up on a ten second clip and we never know the full extent of his mean and ignorant performances. His base is really quite small, as with all things trump, exagerrated.

The core of this post is the White House transcript deliberately changes the insult given to Reporter Cecelia Vega from “thinking” as uttered by trump and witnessed clearly by the World to the nonsensical and false word ‘thanking’. This smacks of Sarah Huckabee, a prime example of topsy turvy denial of what is real and true. It also smacks of a plutocracy, a regime, of gangster rule. No wonder he said he ‘loved’ Kim Jong un.


Its quite fair to say Mnuchin comes across as one of the creepiest people I’ve ever seen.

The whole ensemble is monstrous.

This regime is drunk on its own aggrandisement. Its own back-slapping “We can do no wrong”. Power can indeed bring out the worst in people. It’ll get worse too, as trump kicks against the walls that are closing in; the double pressure of also needing to dance the tune of his Master in Moscow.

I think we are heading for ‘nasty’ like we’ve never seen nasty … well done to Cecelia Vega for holding up with aplomb and vigour to this unholy nitwit, the electric buggy genius; the only world he knows ‘outside’ is the golf course, too damn lazy to even walk!!

postscript … heres new material,  the reason why they are pushing Kavanaugh as fast as they can … SCOTUS docket is Gamble vs US. No 17-646.

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