I see said the blind man …

… sort of applicable, this Bloomberg news story of today tells us of tiny rogue chips disguised as something else from Chinese factories to infiltrate western servers, to monitor and to circumvent password protection. So is this the intelligence that motivates trump to screw up China/ USA trade?  Looks to be, as if trump might have actually hurriedly scanned an actual  memo headline whilst shouting at Pence “Get outa tha f***ing space-suit”,  likewise reason for his at first sight odd reason to accuse China of all sorts of meddling. But still his deafness to the World screaming “Its the Russians, its the Russians” is most odd, and points to only one thing.


I’ve always been a great believer in keeping things ‘in-house’. So perhaps its a case of ‘ye reap as ye shall sow’ …. like, what the hell did you expect!

Heres another link a day later… https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/oct/04/china-planted-chips-on-apple-and-amazon-servers-report-claims

I had begun to worry over taking at face value a news article that most certainly would aid trumps anti-China stance. Increasingly we need ‘three sources’ and ones of high calibre. The world is awash with misinformation. I read a couple of days ago that Russias military spending is down, but I wonder at the ramp-up of its web and computer activity. China has been very stupid to plant these rogue chips if the story is as told.


postscript …

Never did we think that Obama ribbing trump a few years ago at a Public Dinner (was it the Annual Press Gathering) … would have fired up trump in his destruction of all things Obama. It goes back further than that, the unwanted harping on by trump of Obamas birth certificate, as if forgetting the USA is one great melting pot. But realise also all the chatter and manouverings that occurs behind closed doors that egg-on and steer trump in his despicable journey.

Never once will you hear trump be guided by decent values, nor ask himself is this right or is it wrong.

All along and particularly with trumps abysmal Inaugration Speech very seldom can he arrive at anything constructive or from his own mind; to break up, to waste, to wreck are all that he knows. Theres truth when Bannon said ‘He’s a street-fighter’ I now see indeed he is, we read that he was close to Roy Cohn, legendary for being Roy Cohn and so its the hit ’em back fifty fold and go on the aggression that suits trumps mindset perfectly. Everything he says in fact when turned upside down is clearer to the truth; as with every insult he hurls, to himself they are most applicable.

Why is it so much can be out of view even if we are purposefully searching for background info ie aided or hindered by google? The New York Times trump and tax investigation article pub 2nd Oct 2018 was a triumph of bringing much needed background information to public gaze and seeing the measure of trump father and son. Likewise with Kavanaugh, someone so sullied, even toxic has been elevated to a position he is unworthy of. But in this trump dominated USA ‘the past’ and past misdemeanours carry no weight, gangsters are brass-faced to what should be on the historical record. This is why he rails against the Free Press and journalists and thank goodness for the likes of Sarah Bee, Seth Meyers, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher.

trumps base is far smaller than he says it is, I’m even sceptical of polls. Here in the UK the bbc r4 news woefully under-reports the extent of trumps deadly tenure, proving to be a treasure trove of bias for future students of journalism to analyse. Why is this?

Its a multi-pronged attack from trump and his sleazy behind doors whisperers, EPA stripped and gagged, needless tax giveaways to the already super wealthy, International Trade (and trust and co-operation) in tatters, his siding with Dictators, mayhem in Iran the Middle East, siding with Israel, denigration of the Palestinians, back to coal, back to fracking, his hurt of women of people of colour … etc etc etc. All are distasteful, regressive, damaging. Old white bigots rule the earth ???

The madness of king trump will surely be revealed as the future unfolds, everything for the ordinary citizen cut, closed or curtailed, their rights or position diminished, environmental and working conditions and housing localities degraded, people becoming tribal in their fixedness of viewpoint, polarisation of class; meanwhile Fox telling everyone repeatedly and endlessly how well the ‘Great Helmsman’ is doing. The double-whammy of Climate Change and altering weather patterns (jet stream etc) coupled with trumps destruction of overseas markets for American farmers will be a sorry sight. There will be a competitiveness and fear of fellow workers, of neighbours, just like Roy Cohn would have wanted. I hope in that there will be a backlash to this dark scenario, I have faith in common sense but meanwhile trump has breathing space, a bubble to operate in.


trump and his multi-pronged attack …..

Realise too that in this topsy turvy world of trump he fully realises the realities of Climate Change, this is why he is so adamant for a needlessly heightened and strengthened Border Wall with Mexico when already theres sufficient wall for all practical purposes.


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