Lets look at chemtrails ….

Its 0900 here, northern UK, too overcast and drizzly to see if chemtrails are being created today; though Sat, Sun and Thursdays seem likely days if there is any pattern to it.  Last couple of weeks its been ‘weak’ activity at most, several days with an obscured overcast sky but say one third of the time intermittent occasional trails staying up and hazing, also noted some way after sundown. And some days bright blue with no observable aircraft overhead, which makes the chemtrail days all the more obvious. Note its the drifting and hazing of what should be a clear bright sky that draws my attention, I never proffer conjecture or conclusions other than lets notice whats going on …  ie the creation of an artificial sky in turmoil due to chemtrails.

What drives me on this are those occasional days (say three since Feb) when the quantity of chemtrail is so great that the resultant churn and turmoil needs to be seen to be believed.

Heres a vid that helps shed some light on the chemtrail problem ….

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