trump and his pantomime …

Quite an accurate comparison, we certainly have a full cast.

trump Friday as usual swims against – no that is too dynamic a word – feebly, limply  utters the usual predictable contradiction to world opinion for what went on in the Embassy with a now dead  journalist. He tries so hard to sound authorative but sounds like a weekend dad putting forward the usual empty promises. He has probably the worlds most powerful and comprehensive Intelligence organisations to provide data but they go unheeded and are belittled and disregarded. That is because their abilities, level of performance etc are something trump despises. Its also because only they can keep tabs on him and get a real view as to how entangled he is with Russia and Russian money.

He’s trying so hard to appear the big man, to have the angle. His favourite press chat lately being to the whirr of the helicopter waiting to whisk him away to his golf course, to hold Court on his terms for the weekend. I couldn’t care less about him but he certainly should not be a President.  He’s a Presider, nothing else.  Being a President matters not one jot to him, playing the idiot pantomime character whilst everyone else is scurrying around doing their own thing and the villains gaining advantage every minute. Or like some buffoon in a traditional childrens pantomime when everyone is screaming “Its the Russians its the Russians” … yet this old dame acts and speaks nonsense … unheeding to anything obvious to everyone else.

to recap  …

  • two hours alone with Putin, no minutes kept this is treason.
  • destruction of world trade agreements, no valid reasoning.
  • denigration of established world security, NATO etc.
  • introducing trade tariffs where no-one wins, US farmers will be hard hit.
  • Puerto Rico most ineptly handled…..
  • a thoroughly ignorant denial of Climate Change.
  • every insult hurled is most applicable to himself….
  • the world is screaming ‘Its the Russians’ and Donald is deaf ….
  • only past experience is immense financial comfort, tax avoidance on a massive scale, reality tv and selling his name as a franchised brand.
  • a six times bankrupt, as reliable as a slithering snake.
  • creating chaos as in evil.
  • destruction of much that has taken many people years to build and implement, environment, healthcare, human rights, equality etc etc.
  • denial of free speech, denigration of a Free Press, veering to Fascism.
  • insulting to all women, a deliberate denigration of ppl of colour.
  • lies, fakery and obfuscation on a massive scale.
  • trying to turn America into a tribal angry country (this is Bannon)  anxiety, again chaos.
  • trump applauds thuggery and ignorance.

That is one heck of a record, a negative record.


trump and his multi-pronged attack on decency and morals …..


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