trump … the nothing man !

Visualise the enormity of transporting the cretinous retard to Paris and then the dizzy shit doesn’t like drizzle.

Neither did men of the First War, or endless days of bombardment, rats, disease, lice, gas, endless rain, freezing temperatures, fear, slaughter, mud and its stench, abysmal and inexcusable food, shrapnel, snipers bullets, repeated and endless death. Meanwhile Haig is out riding for the afternoon with his half dozen fully dress-uniformed accomplices avoiding all signs of ‘war’ with a sixty mile buffer. trump would like the latter, he likes toy soldiers.

Its now proven beyond doubt that trump is malfunctioning socially, utterly incapable of connecting in a real-life manner with overseas counterparts ie leaders of other countries. He continues to bluster as if time-trapped in a continuous rolling reality tv situation. This most certainly demonstrates …

  • the value of and need for education.
  • to not allow bluster and bluff to substitute for knowledge and experience.
  • to be inclusive.
  • to set higher standards for Public Office.

As was demonstrated in Paris and thank goodness for it … that all world leaders consider     donald j trump    to be a total loser, a fantasy man, a nothing man.

It takes far more than an exquisitely dressed wife (and what expense) to make for a president !




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