Uh-oh … palm oil backfired.

Lets try again at writing a post, my previous effort looked to be tracked or i assume ‘monitored’ ie ultra slow response to each character typed.

This link is plenty food for thought … https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/20/magazine/palm-oil-borneo-climate-catastrophe.html

Got the link from Paul Beckwith, often my first port of call for things ‘climate change’.

But I do wish and have suggested to several youtubers if they could please provide a condensed text of whatever they say in the vid, I can read a lot quicker than they can talk, I may wish to visit several new films and I really haven’t the time merely to sit though ideas at normal conversational speed. Paul is good, I like him but one or two amateurs setting themselves up as ‘better than they are actually are’ wld soon realise on their to be hoped for condensed transcript that most of their content is waffle.

Back to my theme …

Give hoodlums, pirates, con-men, desperados, marginal types with no morals other than a thirst for money an incentive … and this is what you get !  What the f is with ‘joined-up thinking’ … is it so absent in the so-called western world ?  Many decisions are being made increasingly by those that do not have the experience for the task they are set. Spurious random types are elevated to positions way above their capabilities, witness trump and his obscene appointments / so-called ‘administration’. Another instance this afternoon on bbc radio where we hear from a joint author of a ‘guideline’ ie a strict dogma for school meals nuitrition (based on micronutrients)  that he himself acknowledges was both an extreme viewpoint and difficult to implement. We had Peggy Witherspoon and her small team in the village school canteen and by God I reckon she did us proud ! Again as of present, we live in a bullshit world.


Postscript … tonight here NE England we have chemtrails in the dark. Nothing daytime but at 20:45 an obvious trail in the sky …. and lots of aerial activity audible where i would have thought none should have been, its Sunday night. As i just started chemtrail observation last Feb obviously never been through a winter before, I assume or had assumed they shut down when temps are decreasing and would appear say on bright sunny days in Feb (a guess).

Lets look outside and see what the cnts are up to now ….

… in all fairness, two hours later, nothing.


next morning, only one look out upwards, busy and yes three or four distant chemtrails at 0830; pic below from this morning ie 26th Nov 2018 …

UK chemtrails 0845 26th Nov 2018.

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