reality bites home …

Sorry to say but what else can result from an idiot driving the bus?

The trump family is quite obscene in its denigration of reality and the embrace of its own loveliness and unique bullshit stance. Ivanka and Melania in their own ways present themselves as paragons (hint: theres more to life than make up, presentation,  clothes and real estate)  but in essence theres a total disconnect with integrity, objective truth, honesty and the real world. Much like a trump interview, a trump Press Conference or Huckabee Sanders response ie evasion is not the required outcome.

This poor fellow below and his family have bitten hard on the results of an idiot driver ie Potus #45 …. donald j trump.

There is so much more to being President that donald trump is capable of. At every turn he twists and screws the American Citizen. Look at his track record, his non-payment to his contractors, his lies, his evasion, his pure BS nonsense.

Unfit for Office.


postscript … in the above link we learn that cars are no longer the ‘must have’ and in fact pick-up trucks and SUVs are being bought instead, hence existing plants are less viable. But to hammer manufacturers with higher priced materials (ie tarriffs imposed by trump) is a very cruel move and serves no-one other than a power-drunk idiot. Another instance of trump being the enemy of this planets viability ie Climate Change. The added irony of trump threatening to pull subsidies on EV at GM is as usual with trump …. quite obscene. Whichever way trump turns it is a disaster, all hype, BS effect for the camera, the soundbite. Theres lots of mess to be undone by Potus #46….





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