The unhingedness of …

It was there for all the world to see, someone already we know moves awkwardly amongst other men, G20 and now a funeral all in barely a week. The body language and manner, time spent, face, interaction … all quite telling.

To drive away before even the coffin had left the Church was grossly uncouth,  insulting I would say. But theres no love lost, everyone knows the jerk they are dealing with, having to patiently wait until all the dirt forms a noose. It was a good idea to have him there, it shows the measure of him.

Previously, to twitch and jerk around whilst supposedly be reflecting at the deceased lain before him again more telling than he could ever realise, he could not even give him a full minute of reflection. The brevity of it all, in fact a deliberate turn on the heel without ever once allowing the body to relax and the mind to ponder and reflect. Not a man that can reflect other than sharpen his hatred.

Look at that face, hear that voice.

What a strange disconnect there is constructed, as if a reality tv character has extended the script into real life. It shows how empty of wholesome human effort the USA has become when so much is given over to makeup and clothes and presentation,  a seemingly endless supply of very expensive costumes for the girls, to the ad hoc press briefing accompanied by the dramatic whine of the helicopter engine.

Mr Makebelieve….

He doesn’t drain the swamp, he drinks it.

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