nonsense news miscellany …

Just hearing bbc radio news a few minutes ago, a new report telling us its quite allright to allow kids any amount of screen time!

A hundred lorries to trundle around Kent on Monday morning rush-hour to see how a clog-up will look like!  Far better route them all past the Nigel Farrage home and make it a round thousand…. all blaring their horns at the most unsocial hour possible.

Imagine being a farmer or food export / importer with perishable goods. Margins will be slim therefore its in big quantities and I cannot see how any but the biggest operators could manage to survive. Funny things traffic jams never mind blockheaded across the Channel awkward and or pedantic Customs Officials. Takes very little to jam the roads and strangely I’ve noticed a collective stupidity seems to overcome many drivers as they reach the roundabout inducing a slowness and total memory loss of the huge tailback behind them.

My opinion is in the first place a 4% swing most certainly did not warrant Brexit. Now I’d say as we have a better idea of it all it would be a swing of 40% to stay. To plough on pig-headedly is heaping injury upon injury, disadvantage upon disadvantage. Unless of course the Pound becomes so weak we start to look like a third world country and become a place to make things on the cheap.

The Government signing up a so-called Ferry Company that doesn’t even own or possess access to anything ‘boat’. Who’s website utilised terms and conditions of a fast food takeaway as material to fill the void !! … !!

trump wanting a Border Wall …. from what I see there is already a wall where it matters; FACT. Maybe get Christo to wrap it up and make a gift of it to the Idiot in Chief.

Its about time his mega-expensive motorcade did something useful, drive the idiot to the town dump and eject him, job done!


*Is there an increasing collective stupidity?

So many areas we seem quite hopeless and driving headlong into trouble. With decreasing oxygen levels and the crap from chemtrails its inevitable populations become stupid.



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