How much does google store?

This is quite sick, what a fine job we’ve done on surveillance, who would have thought George Orwell was so prescient.



From the New Yorker …. how much on the web is phoney and fake. Its curious how trump endlessly slings ‘fake’ at the Press but in fact they are the highest bastion, the last bastion against an otherwise quite easily manipulated  source of our news. Witness the Ruskis. Its very annoying to me as it must be to all journalists and newspapermen and the general population to witness trump act so dishonestly. Anyone and everyone deserves better than this. Its only a minority that applauds trump, always has been and luckily now without Russian help he is failing on so many fronts this small base is shrinking rapidly.  Given time we can get adults and educated people back into the White House, people of experience and higher values, that can work, make an effort and have the common good in their minds.

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