chemtrail diary 26th Jan 2019

Yesterday lots of chemtrail here north east UK as posted already, also today Saturday 26th chemtrails aplenty, interrupted observation but until noon was the active time, my DQA out of max 10/10 I’d say 966 for that time period maybe 977, early afternoon heavy cloud precluded any further sightings.  This morning I stepped out the door, the language was obscene …. how dare they be so blatant !! And how dare the general populus be so blind to it ?

Numerous flightpaths top R below has no record on flightradar24, however at top L yes all but one are detailed on playback twenty hours later.



This is a totally man made fake sky ie chemtrails. Highly aluminized, my term. Nothing here is formed by nature itself; its called heavy metals / nano particles that will rain down increasing aluminium levels and fck us all up. Wave goodbye to childhood picture books of a long and happy life ….of bees, insects, butterflies and happy garden songbirds.

These people are getting a feel for what they do, yesterday already built up aluminium levels and so today after 12 noon the sky turned uniform dark grey heavy cloud cover. If they wanted they could then chemtrail to their hearts delight unseen. Were they, do they ?

I’m finding books now of how even in the 1960’s Paul Ehrlich, Rachel Carson, etc were all fearful and predicting what we now see unfolding, species loss, mans overheavy footprint on nature. How prescient …….

Convetional Economic Growth is now inappropriate, populations are too great, a western obsession with beef now an outmoded anachronism. First big grain bowl failure will require us all to rethink how we eat and live.

In the observed window of say 0930 until noon I stick with my DQA reporting system of 966 or 977 ….. quite obscene. I wish I’d gone out earlier but I’ve this niggling complaint that I will be seen and seen as stupid or ‘not right’ by my so-called neighbours.  Yet nothing cld be further from the truth, they are mostly ‘strangers’ so why do I concern myself ?  I must in future disregard imagined wonderings over my activities and get into gear !

Here is NASA worldview of today, looks to be chemtrails were captured on this image … the lack of accurate time stamping for this makes it feel more like some ancient lantern slide than anything modern.


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