Solar activity …


(note: a work in progress, I’m not too happy abt some of the links or embeds) …

I used to be very aware of this forty five years ago (ie solar activity) as short wave listening was a big hobby of mine and against all odds ie regardless of my parents a hobby I pursued with minimal outlay thanks to Ian, G3**X a highly knowledgable and kind radio amateur that had heard i was struggling.  I think as with all my passions and interests my parents just hoped it would ‘go away’ if they ignored me sufficiently ie for years on end !

Therefore solar activity and the eleven year sunspot cycle is important and relevant to me. I have also a few-fold passed on the kindness of strangers to others needing help, those initial extended hands of assistance were very well appreciated in an otherwise bleak landscape, even Miss Baines from Whitby, I still have here the absolute top of the line gifts she bought me as a six year old. My dads perversity at severing me from such a lucky connection ultimately displays how he felt about any improvements in my life,  I had a wife too that preferred the knife to the trowel …

The propogation of radio waves is a fascinating subject. Yet I tend to be deaf to what i expect most other people are aware of, or they regard as common knowledge; theres no-one likely to tell me such things and I am not a regular subscriber of newspapers, in fact I’ve many books here that I’d like to re-read but know fine well theres insufficient time / lifespan to be other than highly selective.

I just stumbled upon the Maunder Minimum …

For background you’ll need …

Prof of Mathematics Valentina Zharkova at Northumbria University just a few miles down the road is why I’m here typing this post ….

Heres an easy intro page …

I’m not too alarmist about this, theres so much horrible stuff kicking in already, climate changes, (positive) feedback loops, species loss, etc etc that its just one of many … however my response to seeing diesel drivers run their vans or SUVs idling when parked in supermarkets really does irritate. Grrrrr ….


I wish people wouldn’t use a synthesised voice, never mind ….


Note we are told of the 26/27th arrival of solar wind, will it develop into visible Aurora here in Northumberland north eastern England?

I also wish ppl would provide a condensed precis transcript of their uploads, few of us just do not have the time to sit through so many youtube rambles, no criticism intended, its just that when gathering data and gleaning a laymans view of current climate change and add on topics theres other parts of living a life that need attended to or are an actual pleasure other than stuck at desk and screen; even if its just cooking, washing, work!


postscript … found a vid, its alarmist, stupendous, over animated ….

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