chemtrails over the Wirral …

Just got this from the Liverpool Echo via an article of the peculier, wierd unfathomable practice of ‘dogging’ … that is DOGGING if anyone is hard of seeing.

ie connecting body parts with strangers who have had partners beyond count, as shallow as bubblegum, as stupid as russian roulette and probably little concern for hygiene.

Other partners most likely that same evening.

It also strikes me, as with the general portrayal of sex, no-one seems to wash their hands beforehand, if one is going to ….. etc etc. I personally would never think of getting down to some fun without the courtesy of cleansing my digits beforehand. There has to be more than just a ‘rut’, that is what unthinking animals do … animals of the field (or the car park).

Anyway, look at the pic, chemtrails galore coming in over the Irish Sea.

chemtrails wirral...
chemtrails wirral…

Postscript … so using the suffix of geographical location we search for ‘chemtrails in the Wirral’ and find …



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