more youtube chemtrails …

My camera performs badly at mvi setting and also theres other people out there that have made some v useful observations. Therefore i’m presenting material that i think proves beyond any doubt the chemtrail thing is real and a problem. Be sure to read the comments accumulated for each youtube.





















Quoting myself …

I realise general media does a good job at bundling up chemtrail with any nonsense it can get hold of so as to make people like me look stupid, but with such convincing ‘in front of your eyes’ evidence why are people so unwilling to realise something is happening? Note how the sheeple are conditioned to immediately throw back the incredibly annoying term ‘conspiracy theory’ …. and yet cannot or are incapable of advancing any sensible discussion. I’ve developed a few terms to help me discuss chemtrails and my observations here on my blog, for instance ‘aluminization’ of the sky when the lets say aluminium is still working its magic even though no chemtrail immediately to view. Often too we get ‘brown reaction clouds’ and i’ve also invented my own ‘DQA Reporting System’. I also find chemtrails can be in a corridor, or random, or at a distant corridor and drift over for next morning. The aviation lobby / influence is extraordinarily powerful, just as with reducing the use of SUVs, reducing beef consumption and forgetting about airflights as being normal … its my opinion populations ie affluent West wld rather be dead than give up their priveliges / goodies. Mans self regard will be the death of him.

end of quote.

In fact with what is happening in the Arctic, the interconnectedness of natures feedback systems theres lots we cannot turn back.

Here below, 39 views and its been up on youtube for a full two years, this is tragic ….


Below, just found today 5th April from 2012 above Lancashire ….

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