Portland and Seattle get it …chemtrails.

Using NASA Worldview to find chemtrail activity is highly inconclusive – very ! For instance NE England was chemtrailed yesterday yet in my own home-based ‘cone of view’ from my house not much to be seen, driving out aha ! …. plenty on the western horizon and half an hour later lots random pattern up in the county. Also an aluminized sky, but stopping shot of ‘fast churn’ or lower brown reaction clouds. Yet nothing of substance captured / available on worldview. Unfortunately also no pics taken, camera mislaid…. drat!

chemtrails Portland Seattle 15th March 2019 ... https://go.nasa.gov/2HnfLzk
chemtrails Portland Seattle 15th March 2019 … https://go.nasa.gov/2HnfLzk

At least above we can see something ‘chemtrail’ captured on NASA worldview. The data for the UK was just a joke / wrong time, not a true reflection of what we saw above.

So, using my recently found technique of being sure to add a location / city to chemtrail searches lets embed some youtubes for Seattle and Portland chemtrails, which i’m sure we will find many  …


Now lets get three chemtrail youtubes for Portland  ….



I’m glad all the vids above are brief, we are all busy people, theres too much on youtube re climate change that i doubt any person watches till the end. For instance reading out aloud pages for us onscreen as part of the ‘presentation’ when we can read ourselves much quicker than a slow drawl. Likewise say a conference talk when often the gist cld be effectively condensed. I would say the exception to this is Prof Kevin Anderson, his talks are dense with data, information, guidance….. most valuable material.

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