Who is pulling Bercows strings?

I’m only writing for myself here, i fully realise that.

Why in Heavens name derail a process nearer to its completion of which much much more will follow in the months and years ahead by Speaker Bercows insane catastrophic interjection? Who put him up to this? No good can come of it, by the 29th we had somehow to reach a position to move forward and Bercow has blown it !

Has he not each and every day seen and heard the passion, anger and urgency of everyones contribution? Shame upon him.

Yes its the same Bill, but the reactions to it and the surrounding mass of politicians are in flux at each vote, the news bulletins for months broadcasting the huge churn and turmoil meant not much other business is being done; Corbyns inability to get involved and make positive progress is also shameful, and just as things were settling down and voices sounding calmer Bercow blows it!

Theres no other option, years of negotiation have resulted in what we have here at present; we could cancel and remain but i shudder to think how the EU will develop in years to come. Ggain, if Corbyn is so ‘clever’ (which he is not) send him to Brussels and see what he can achieve!

I personally think to remain would be more suited to business prosperity and even the survival of industries here in the UK but EU membership brings with it some unpleasant frustrations. In some senses Farage who i am completely disillusioned with, over the years has made some good sense but where has he been when theres work to be done? We live in a dynamic interconnected society, car plants, supplier chains, perishable foods in transit, our own high welfare agricultural system, i thank God i’m not involved in any of those industries, and i fully expect the French at their border will be as bloody and as awkward as they can.

In this instance Bercow needs to be bypassed, its Bercow himself that needs to think of finding work elsewhere.

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