The Deal is the Deal …

I feel so sorry for TM … and she is quite entitled being on tv to express her utter frustration at the ‘basket of snakes’ known as the House of Commons. Yet again we had Corbyn walking out of a meeting, forever projecting the image of the Labour ‘fighter’ … more now a hackneyed projection than any sense or desire to get things done. This thing we are stuck with called Brexit is way beyond party politics and way beyond MPs consciences and their wish to project the desires of their constituents. Such motivations and desires are piddling and irrelevant, a four percent swing to leave in my opinion should not have been sufficient to trigger all this nonsense, many constituencies voted overwhelmingly to stay. For the sake of business alone ie car manufacturing Brexit will be a disaster.

Its far too late, was too late three months ago for MPs to think ‘debating’ would serve any purpose, the debate should have rode in tandem with the negotiations one and two years ago. So many fractious views, the Geoffrey Cox bombshell, a bloody minded Speaker, so much disregard for how we make our living ie business and trade.

This morning on bbc r4 we had Oliver Letwin with more nonsense, speaking with the apparent voice of reasonableness but the content itself ie his message simply unworkable, out of step and half a year too late.

The Deal is the Deal, its the best that could be hammered out. Its at least two years of hard effort, not just a weekend chinwag. For Parliament to at this point think it can meld or influence is laughable. I applaud TMs Thursday ‘addesss to the nation’ indeed Parliament is holding up / destroying any positive forward movement. At least she had the guts to indicate why / where the responsibility of the holdup lies.

If we do leave this present situation its merely the beginning of masses of new legislation, debate, turmoil which to my mind is beyond the abilities of Parliament as an en masse functioning entity to resolve.

The crux is that theres too many facets to the Brexit arguament.

Perhaps we should send them by Eurostar en masse all six hundred and fifty of them and dump them outside the required building in Brussels and tell them “Do better if you can” !


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