“The circus has gone, the circus has gone” … chemtrail diary UK.

Most days theres signs of something.

Yesterday Thursday morning 21 March 2019 most obvious chemtrails, at some points six visible in the same quarter of the sky here in north east England, random pattern. Often there is an ‘aluminized sky’ early morning which i’m guessing is usually drift from the central pennine flightpath and sometimes North Sea activity.

Its as if someone is running around shouting “The circus has gone, the circus has gone” …. yes my dear its gone from our town specifically but its still real and still exists, merely in the next town. In other words, we can get aluminized skies without seeing chemtrail in our own ‘cone of view’. For yesterday Thursday using my DQA reporting system I’d say DQA =  7,3,7, AS, NC, HP.   ie duration 7/10, quantity 3/10, altered sky 7/10,  aluminized sky, no churn.  Its the last number that carries most weight 7/10 altered sky ie phoney, contrived, manmade. Which is what particularly annoys me. HP denotes high pressure, often indicating we will be getting chemtrails that day.

Realise the meteorologists / the weathermen will all be bound by non-disclosure or the Official Secrets Act.

Friday 22nd March 2019 starting duller, looking more aluminized so not much bright blue whatsoever; chemtrails visible as per yesterday.

to be updated …

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