Chemtrail data … worldview images.

I’m only self taught at this and its taken fifteen months of near daily perusal, thought, observation. To my mind chemtrails are real, unacknowledged in their specific deployment by any authority or Government and with increased freeborne aluminium levels are certainly not to be ignored. Click for previous posts and links ie autism in CA, Frances Mengels retd fisheries biologist re loss of caddisfly and general insect life in CA streams and rivers; my own sense that diatoms are much depleted (and generally unacknowledged in the general press) … ie the fundamental basis of the marine food chain leading to Pacific seabird collapse of three and four years ago and the collapse of the diatom / bryozoan symbiosis ie coral reef decline. The diatom thing is especially ironic as 70% of the worlds gas and oil reserves are the product of milions of years of diatom activity ie microscopic single celled two part silica tests or outer shells able to move and present in abt 5k species; the burning of which has led to their own and our own demise.  It seems we’ve got too slick and clever, planet earth one could say was never meant for this.

Can human ingenuity save us, i don’t know … maybe some wealthy elite will survive, but those average two income households above minimum wage that are used to good wages, cars, holidays abroad and cheap hop-on airflights termed middle income will kick and flex alarmingly at having to ‘green-up’. I personally at my washing machine having failed a month ago quite happilly use a bucket to wash all my clothes, no grime and a shirt only worn for twelve hours, never in cigarette smoke so therefore its an easy job by hand! Theres a thing called a ‘washing line’ … everything drip-dries at zero cost. I have actually always balked at the cost and stupidity of a tumble drier for home use, we bought one thirty years ago and is stored somewhere in the garage never having been used.

Chemtrail diary Sunday 24th March 2019. Nothing here in my limited ‘cone of view’ north east England, previous day Saturday 23rd March was atrocious, much altered sky after 12 noon, chemtrails most obvious all morning (see prev chemtrail diary post) …  no fast churn but grey overcast and latterly v cold, no fast churn; my DQA say 10,7,7, HP, AS, NFC … Nothing above for Sunday but nasa worldview shows massive chemtrail activity northern Europe in a straight line Brest, Dieppe, Bremen, Hanover, Berlin as per screen grab below.

chemtrail Europe Sunday 24th March 2019 ... ... deliberate chemtrail / geo-engineering.
chemtrail Europe Sunday 24th March 2019 … … deliberate chemtrail / geo-engineering.

Can you see it?…  tilted 30 deg to horizontal, straight line attached to existing natural cloud systems. The particular shade of grey is also a giveaway to chemtrail activity. If it is just this concentrated corridor of chemtrail activity for Sunday does this mean it is dedicated aircraft and not merely some gizmo attached to many everyday commercial flights?

Detail below …

chemtrails Dieppe Calais Sunday 24th March 2019 ...
chemtrails Dieppe Calais Sunday 24th March 2019 …
chemtrails Brest Brittany Sunday 24th March 2019 ...
chemtrails Brest Brittany Sunday 24th March 2019 …

In my opinion it is the complete overall central belt above that is manmade chemtrail ie geo-engineering, not just the squiggly bits…

Here belowa youitube for Antwerp / Belgium, showing the characteristic loss of a bright blue sky due to chemtrail / geo-engineering …

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