A clear sky …

… warrants a blog post. I am here in north east England.

So seldom we get a clear blue sky during daylight, I mean clear not just hazy chemtrailed clear’ish hint of blue … that you know is not the real clear sky we used to know. I have pics too, its that big an event. I suppose with the May Cumulus it would be insane to try and do otherwise, to ruin it after all the chemtrail bods as blatant as they can be still need to convey a sense of ‘normal’ … the chemtrail people / contractors tend to work with / tuck in with what is displayed on the wx satellites.

This mornings NASA worldview for Sat 4th May 2019 reveals Yellow Sea, China, Japan are being chemtrailed / geoengineered today ie in my opinion formed from a hundred hours self taught imaginative interpretation.

chemtrail geoengineering suspected Yellow Sea China Japan 4 May 2019 … https://go.nasa.gov/2DJxj4X

Lets draw back from the above for an overall picture …

chemtrail geoengineering yellow sea China Japan 4 May 2019 ... https://go.nasa.gov/2Jexmtm
chemtrail geoengineering Yellow Sea China Japan 4 May 2019 … https://go.nasa.gov/2Jexmtm


Also look to Aland, southern Finland as shown NASA worldview 13:50 BST. Lets find youtubes from these geographical locations …

Below from the same channel as above I see we both agree in how we interpret NASA worldview for chemtrail geoengineering.






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