Six lines in a row…

… I couldn’t believe it and the camera a mile away locked in my car! Three days and with 60-80% cloud cover little or no sign of chemtrail activity here in NE England. Two days certainly with no chemtrail here north east England which screamed – ‘no chemtrail, no chemtrail’ in that it was so unusual to bask in a clear sky free of the questionable lines of chemtrail.

Yet mid evening tonight the sky clears to 30% cloud Sunday for the first time and I witnessed six parallel lines being flown in unison from six individual very high alt  aircraft spewing chemtrail as they flew south. Yet two hours later upon reaching home flightradar24 shows NO sign or record of such activity taking place. Meanwhile aluminization is visible say 3/10 which quite surprised me as I had not witnessed chemtrailing earlier in the day, or more correctly cloud would have obscured such geoengineering.

An hour later say 20:30 BST with good all round views, one third cloud obscuration at any time we can see ten or twelve random chemtrails, peculiarly all visible as short bursts of a few miles at most, mostly central pennine and west coast flightpath. Is this a peculiar refraction rendering visible; or puerile shenanigans yet still drawing salary for ‘job well done’ on a Bank Holiday weekend. Are these therefore pre-existing scheduled flights with the added facility to emit chemtrail therefore continually ‘topping-up’ the chemtrail / geoengineering effect? The answer to the high alt six in a row I would think are military. Its no good going and asking them, like the meteorologists / weathermen the whole thing is clamped down by the Official Secrets Act.


Above, theres a dozen different chemtrails over a one hour period early / mid evening. I didn’t get the six in a row  … sans-camera! I’ve botched the upload I had wanted to add greater explanation and a better choice of larger pics.

Larger pic middle right above was chemtrail haze flowing as if a liquid, quite peculiar and moving ninety deg to the airflow at ground level, which I suppose laminar differing air flow is quite feasible. Second line up from bottom at left is the same item at differing mag.

Lets look at worldview for the same day ie Sunday 5 May 2019, below is Corunna northern Spain which gets a lot of chemtrail throughout the year, I wonder …

  • what is their childhood autism rate per ten thousand?
  • life in lakes and rivers ie caddisfly in upland trout streams?
  • aluminium levels in the soil ie earthworm populations?
  • dementia rates?
  • health quantity and distribution of diatoms ie essential unavoidable near base of the food chain for of all life in water?
  • molds, algae, invertebrates in soil, the richness depth and breadth of its inhabitants?
  • ditto bees, insects, hoverflies micro and macro lepidoptera, all manner of flying and crawling things etc etc ?
  • aluminium levels in dry brush and scrub ie a potential incendiary witness northern California and the wildfires over there?
  • impact of aluminium levels on organic growers in northern Spain?
chemtrail Oporto Corunna may 5 2019 ...
chemtrail geoengineering Oporto Corunna ; May 5 2019 …

Without any doubt there will be youtubes corresponding to ‘chemtrails Corunna’ … lets go look. And remember that first session search only produces a brief gloss of items, successive evenings as when say looking for Italian neo-realist cinema a couple of years ago will over successive evenings reveal material/ youtubes not found previously.


Postscript: NASA worldview is not conclusive it merely can sometimes present evidence. Looking west to California ie south of Los Angelese  we find chemtrail geoengineering over San Diego, Mexicali, Phoenix. Look also at the land mass, the chemtrail streaks are less distinct but there nonetheless, ie their shadows cast on the earth help realise their presence.

chemtrail geoengineering California, San Diego, Mexicali, Phoenix; May 5 2019 ...
chemtrail geoengineering California, San Diego, Mexicali, Phoenix; May 5 2019 …

Note above look at the land mass upper half of screen capture … lots of chemtrail.

This post is building up; lets take one youtube ie search ‘chemtrails phoenix’ …



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