Theres no such thing as chemtrails!

… I can hear the ‘ready to dismiss brigade’ so certain in their brief glance at the sky above.

Cors not, not in the flippin sky you can see above in your particular ‘cone of view’ … but with the wonders of sat technology we are allowed to glean a little of what might be happening elsewhere. Here below is widespread chemtrail / geoengineering in the Baltic yesterday 26 June 2019 … England itself today is squeaky clean ie devoid of chemtrails (so far ie 4pm BST).

Wednesday 29th June 2019 chemtrail geoengineering Baltic Sea ...
Wednesday 29th June 2019 chemtrail geoengineering Baltic Sea …


At times like this I roll out my tried and tested analogy when the little child screams “The circus has gone the circus has gone” …. yes, the circus has gone (for now) but has merely moved to another town quite out of sight. This does not mean the circus no longer exists or is no longer spreading mirth and wonder, but will one day return just as with chemtrails and geoengineering.

postscript … Thursday 27th June 2019 nothing all day chemtrail but at sunset yes one v distinct chemtrail in front of the setting sun and a couple of hazed / broad trails lingering.

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