Chemtrails in Greece.

Valuable footage, too good to bury in my previous post which is basically a 17th July 2019 tour of NASA worldview looking for chemtrail geoengineering activity which was a bumper day for chemtrails around Europe. Worldview is not a watertight source, much slips through so to speak, but it makes a worthwhile contribution to finding chemtrail activity. My own thirty mile ‘cone of view’ has been remarkably quiet for chemtrails these last few weeks, but meanwhile Denmark, North Sea, western Atlantic, Black Sea, Adriatic, Greek Islands etc get the usual chemtrail lines in the sky geoengineering.

NASA worldview also shows forest fires in Siberia, screen capture pasted after the youtube of chemtrails in Greece. Be sure to see 05:09 below, note also a chemtrail corridor being built up and also an ‘aluminized sky’ being formed (my term, free to use).


Below are what I’m surmising are forest fires in Siberia …

forest fires Siberia 17 July 2019
forest fires Siberia 17 July 2019




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