Chemtrails Biarritz.

Heres a rattle bag of items that shed a little more light on the chemtrail problem. This morning north east UK at 0700 its chemtrails in profusion, an hour later little evidence remains other than an ‘aluminized sky’ which of course was the desired intention. Not much in the way of chemtrails up here in the last few weeks, maybe my blogging scares them away, after all why attract adverse publicity and hence avoids the blogging ‘hot spots’. Theres very few people on the web that pursue this chemtrail problem for more than a few months or are currently active.  In this modern age, of course attention is being paid to adverse web publicity, the web as the influencer, the web the be all and end all of so much human attention is of course monitored and heeded, if I don’t see it then I cannot photograph it. Several times there has been intense chemtrail activity out into the North Sea, sometimes the wind drift will bring it over into my ‘cone of view’ and create the giveaway signs of chemtrail deposited further afield; NASA Worldview is not infallible, I’d say at most a thirty to fifty percent chance of picking up chemtrail activity.

I had assumed googling for ‘chemtrails Biarritz’ would have produced plenty of chemtrail imagery yet in fact not much so far.

So here is a rattle bag of chemtrail material …

ie youtube below chemtrails Biarritz …

chemtrails in Australia …

chemtrails …



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