trump: Hopelessly out of his depth.

Donald trump must be aching with agony and fear as at Biarritz G7 he is encountering for a rare instance people other than ‘yes men’ or long-time established American allies and partners in which he can act the bully. This time it is encounters with people of intelligence, depth, education and vast experience, people who ‘serve’ and are not fixed to a crooked low-knowledge mindset, people that will have risen by hard effort and worked with some of the finest.  In Biarritz no marching bands, no BS five second sound-bites for tv fixated Donald, no whirring helicopter engine to add drama and importance to his neck-jarring about-turns or made-up junk. I applaud the idea and workings and facilitations that G7 allows, contrary to Gordon Browns recent quite churlish denigration of G7 on bbc r4 news.

This time trump will encounter depth and I hope he encounters criticism of his stupid brainless antics. trump as a person doesn’t deserve to be in any position at G7, hopelessly out of his depth; but never mind by hook or by crook he somehow landed in the Oval Office as seemingly unfit he is proving to be and as a hollow yet excitable and unpredictable most certainly non-genius will have to be served and humoured for the time being for the position he represents.

I’d like to think it would prove in some small way an ‘education’ but Donald is so used to from early days being at war with all and sundry from his no questions priveliged yet frighteningly uneducated bubble that I doubt it can ever help. He knows and will have been recently tutored to ‘hang-on-in’ and not run away as in previous encounters.

Ooh … wheres Ivanka?  Totally unqualified of course, yet certainly this is another trophy to be bagged.


rump and his many pronged attack on good sense and decency...
rump and his many pronged attack on good sense and decency…




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