Chemtrails Canada; a thousand miles long.

Chemtrail diary, Northern Canada.

Pictures of chemtrails Northern Canada, Hudson Bay, Baffin Island as caught on NASA Worldview for August 28th 2019. A not infallible source but so far my only way to glean chemtrail activity other than directly overhead from here in England. Note how the chemtrail activity mimics and blends with the prevailing weather system, it would defy common sense to do otherwise.

You must realise my reasoning is merely conjecture, hypothesis, intuition prompted by the lines in the sky that widen, increasingly haze and alter the sky; these ARE NOT conventional condensation trails ie con-trails. I am not a trained meteorologist, merely an inquisitive layman. However my so far thousand hours over the last twenty months of daily observations of chemtrail have in some small way alerted my wits to what is without doubt as viewed above from where I live to be chemtrail activity. And hence my wish to glean what I can of chemtrails from NASA Worldview.

Northern Canada, Hudson Bay, Baffin Island chemtrails 28 August 2019.
Weather picture NASA Worldview Northern Canada, Hudson Bay, Baffin Island chemtrails 28 August 2019.

Also scroll over to Denmark, northern Europe, Vancouver and Southern Alaska, they all received chemtrail activity today 28 August 2019.

My friemd asks “Why are chemtrails happening” my answer is always to preface that there are many wild stories out there, my own view it is to increase reflectivity of the atmosphere ie to combat global warming. The downside is increased aluminium levels, witness retired Fisheries Biologist Francis Mangels reporting collapse of stream and river life, absence of Caddis fly; rapidity of California wildfires (aluminium in powdered / nano-particle form is an incendiary) note also massive increases in ground borne aluminium; vast increase in childhood autism, etc etc.

Note above we are hearing from qualified professionals.

Below as is my habit lets go look at youtubes that connect with the initial picture ie chemtrails Northern Canada, Hudson Bay, 

Below, chemtrails Toronto …

Here below a valuable and venerable couple on Vancouver Island explain how they first saw chemtrails in 1998 and 1999 became more aware of it.



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