Lines in the sky.

Chemtrail diary.

My task on this blog of mine is to gather in signs of chemtrail activity to counter the unthinking jingoistic wall of non-consideration that both hoodwinks the general populace as propagated by general media and irritatingly often has the term ‘conspiracy theory’ attached to it and refuses to consider convincing evidence or plain downright blatant lines in the sky.

Lets find chemtrails and other geoengineering novelties for today.

loops of chemtrail Wednesday 27 Nov 2019 ...
Cape Erimo, Hokkaido, loops of chemtrail, lines in the sky, Wednesday 27 Nov 2019 …

Ninety percent of the above is chemtrail.

In the above the ‘loop’ area is approx thirty English miles long. Also, it is only revealed by selecting the middle base layer of the three options ie corrected reflectance aqua/MODIS on the NASA worldview menu on left of page.

Again, south of the above ie chemtrails 300 miles SE of  Hokkaido Japan, in the Pacific Ocean, link only …

Panning out from the above chemtrail we can see a chemtrail corridor say 1,200 miles long, link only …

Chemtrail Caspian Sea and north of ? Link only …

Lets look at European chemtrails, below; the dove-grey colouring is in my opinion all chemtrail geoengineering over Italy and the Adriatic.

Corfu, Bari, Adriatic, Albania chemtrail Wednesday 27th Nov 2019 ...
Corfu, Bari, Adriatic, Albania chemtrail Wednesday 27th Nov 2019 …

Chemtrails (link only) Corsica, Sardinia, Rome, Naples, Tyrrhenian Sea …

Chemtrails Valencia, Barcelona, Spain, Balearics; link only,

Chemtrails UK ie northern England, link only as I need a few hours before I can alter / choose another base layer from the NASA Worldview menu; look carefully into the white mire, chemtrails are in abundance.




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