The impracticality of trump …

I am a practical man and come from a long line of practical men.

trump is none of this, he can grift but as using the term in its British sense he cannot graft. He cannot roll up his sleeves and get ‘stuck in’. It would be a preposterous scene, his glaring orange make-up, the bizarre hair-do going in all directions…. knock-kneed impracticality.

So that is one measure of a man.

We can also surmise he is utterly unknowledgable, disconnected and uninterested in anything to do with the natural world (think climate change, and a gutted EPA) … unless of course its … a) exploitation, extraction and or to minimise environmental controls as pushed by some of the more sick of his backers and of course … b) trumps only realisation of the natural world being a golf course, the rest to him is ‘dirt’.

Therefore trump clearly displays the impracticality of Mao with the arrogance of baby born into greed, wealth and dishonesty (think Northern Counties).

To slightly mis-apply the term … trump is a pompadour!

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