Oh dear I got my mixed herbs mixed up …

… an impetuous crazy and over-daring purchase of a can of ‘Yekta’ brand of ‘oil fried mixed herbs’ ie parsley, coriander, leek, fenugreek etc from the nearby city Lebanese deli has resulted in my total consternation and a general ‘yuck’ reaction. The fault of course is all mine, reading and thinking subsequently shows me that my own general base of red onion, leek, Indian seeds black mustard, ajiwan and optional celery and or mushroom according to the end result concoction is probably best for my north European specifically British palette.

I of course did not have the ‘dried limes’ as deemed so essential for this Persian dish, again I must apologise.; but the dire consequence of green stuff was so difficult to cope with that half of the served portion was binned this lunchtime … this is a first for me. And some online sources suggest a boiled egg in addition … yuck again. I wonder if they actually cook this stuff or its mere invention and pandering to their ‘online followers’?

Never mind, I’m rustling up the second portion of the rest of my Lebanese deli purchase ie my asked for half kilo stewing steak that turned up as 1.1 kilo at checkout and at home three hours later is sixty percent binned as hard fat and bone wastage, half an hour spent carving up good from crap, again am I missing something here? A six quid spend for basically two servings ! Maybe not the bargain place I had assumed it was. Also the label said four quid something per kilo at point of purchase, but six quid something per kilo at check-out … is the mickey being taken I wonder? I try not to notice boundaries etc but still others impose them upon me.

A four quid spend at Morrisons will get me sufficient beef with my additional saueted veg as a casserole for four days with side orders of veg say potato, sweetcorn, tinned spinach leaves or a half can of peas and some swede in addition ie all providing me for a filling nuitritous lunchtime meal.

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