Angela Rayner.

I feel so sad this poor woman has been sacked from her post as Labour Party Chair and Campaigns Chief. I’m not sure she should have been Chair nor do I agree to the position (ie a handicap to the Labour Party) given to Ian Lavery these last few years, quite inappropriate but after all its reward for time at the picket; please lets get some brains and up-to-speed savvy into the Labour Party. I always thought Jeremy was quite excellent in the Chamber but unfortunately once ensconced into his cubby-hole office each day ‘went to pieces’ so to speak, lots of beard stroking, tweaking and twiddling to no cumulative positive effect. For Angela Rayner, she’s young, she may well develop and be a shining asset to the Labour Party, but I’ve always had doubts of Keir Starmer himself, the hand on the knife blade, yes his Dad was a toolmaker, an honourable and highly skilled job but Keir himself somehow lacks gravitas in his presentational manner, hard to believe his Lawyer and DPP role, lets assume brains are there. This ‘modern world’ … and this oh so relevant bogey subject of ‘presentation’, a curse upon us all. Witness a stuffed fool in the USA, a ‘stand up president’ that has been able build a four year tenure on a so-called presentational skill learnt at a work-up to a crummy and creaking American reality tv show, skill with the mic and camera, and no doubt all placed as ‘tax-deductible’.

interesting … a Doughty Street connection … Keir Starmer – Wikipedia

and theres certainly no wiki for Lavery to be posted here!

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