I’ve noticed here at the hacienda that search terms ‘arctic methane’ and ‘arctic ice loss’ increasingly do not deliver up to the minute (or month) information. Why is google skewing me? As if I’m insulated from what IS actually happening. So here is an antidote, its up to date, pulls no punches and is written and posted by educated professionals…

Arctic News: Extinction by 2027 (

The author is Earth Systems scientist Dr Malcolm Light, heres an interview from 2014 … Arctic News: Malcolm Light (

The main point is that the shallow East Siberian ice shelf which in my mind was the biggie to look out for, ie Laptev Sea etc regarding the dreaded release of methane hydrate but in fact its over above Canada from the above link from that the bigger danger is lurking. Its a bit like playing with tampered dice, whatever we throw we cannot win in this super-size chemistry set called atmospheric physics / climate change/ mass extinction … call it what you will.

But I still maintain the trumpian cavalcade and its primary movers are qualified to be tried at The Hague for crimes against humanity in their wilful and deliberate refusal to acknowledge climate change; this is greed and undue influence gone mad.

At least its pointless wasting time painting my window frames ….

The above is a copy and paste from the initial link as mentioned at the start of this post.

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