Is covid wagging the NHS tail?

Yes I feel sorry for all those covid deaths and yes the pictures and footage from hospitals is harrowing, but surely not all NHS facilities and man power is being consumed within the NHS for covid?

I don’t know the breakdown and so therefore this is why I ask.

So meantime what is happening with specialist teams, of surgeons, of referrals, therapists, cancer screening and its treatment and operations for specialist intervention?

Again I don’t know and so therefore this is why i ask the question.

I remember my now deceased wife and I waiting a long time to merely have her ECG a little while before she died, even whilst in with the far too over-talkative nurse I couldn’t help but be perturbed at the waiting room full of overdue appointments whilst this nurse chattered nonsense totally superfluous to the task in hand; in fact holding us back and a dozen folk in the waiting room from getting on with our day. When this happened a couple of years later for myself of a pre-op check-up this time my ire was loaded and I made a formal complaint, again patients kept waiting. A fine example of a) institutionalism and b) lack of effective management. At some other time my own ECG was over and done in about three or four minutes, that particular nurse knew what she was doing in the full sense of the word. great contrasts of light and shade, of competence and incompetence.

And to the point of this, my now clearly stated need of urgent referral to the nearby city Eye Dept as written up on a hand delivered letter to whatever doctor deals with me at my local GP Practice a mile away was not acknowledged until Friday lunchtime from a Tuesday 4pm delivery (damn … wish i got it signed for) the acknowledgement phone call from them clearly mis-stating the information was received Friday morning and as the whoever particular doctor was off until Monday means a near weeks delay for something my optician marked as URGENT. This eye problem and loss of effective vision in one eye is something that came on quickly, could get worse and is BP related so therefore it seems we need to include the GP in the loop. Apparently i need medication to reduce BP and a simple treatment to drain the water from behind the eye.

Time is of the essence I would think.

So why is it covid has such a grip on the NHS?

The bbc radio news tells us the real disaster of covid is the stall-up of near all ongoing NHS activity. Even this week in an easing of restrictions patients are not allowed into our local GP practice, its all phone or nothing. Meanwhile nearby drinkers and socialisers can laugh and shout to their hearts content at an evening at the pub or a club.

I shake my head at the inability of so many people around me.

postscript, when i got my two jabs at the low ceilinged quite small cricket club I was baffled and quite frightened at both visits why there was so little through ventilation …. at the covid jab centre! I actually refused to wait the fifteen minutes post jab to be indoors, no-one else in sight sat on the veranda to check of no adverse reaction before driving home.

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